For Things To Change:
Special points of interest:
• Things will not always go our way
• It’s not what happens to us that’s important, it’s how we react to what happens that matters
• With proper support we can break old patterns that don’t work for us
• Sometimes, others around us will be resistant to the changes we wish to make in our life

DSC_For Things To Change You Must Change

The Importance of Being Imperfect:
Special points of interest:
• The need for perfection might come from a childhood misunderstanding
• Many perfectionists carry guilt from failed endeavours
• Perfectionists typically need to get it right first time
• Confronted with a low probability of early success, a perfectionist might never even make a start

DSC_The Importance of Being Imperfect

What If The Master Plan Fails:
Special points of interest:
• Most of us are aware of our Plan A
• Sometimes we keep working at Plan A without acknowledging that it’s not working
• How can having a Plan B create peace in our life
• Could Plan B actually create a better result than continuing the investment

DSC_The Importance of Being Imperfect

When Ego Is A Dirty Word:
Special points of interest:
• “Ego” has both positive and negative viewpoints
• Ego can see you being incorrectly attached to outcome
• Parents and managers need to be mindful of the impact on others of their relationship with “ego”

DSC_When Ego is a dirty word

The Emotions Of Going Through Divorce:
Special points of interest:
• Divorce is a time of intense loss
• Kubler-Ross’ model is an excellent way to describe the five stages of loss
• Focussing on the present and future needs of the children is one of the most important factors in negotiating the end of a family

DSC_The emotions of going through Divorce

Exploring Aspects of Loss:
Special points of interest:
• “Loss” covers death, relationship breakdown, relocation, retrenchment and retirement
• Kubler-Ross’ model of the five stages of grief works equally well in other types of loss
• Not dealing with the grief associated with loss can effect how we move on with our life

DSC_The emotions of going through Divorce

Focus On The Target:
Special points of interest:
• Many men are conditioned to “fix things” and feel frustrated when they can’t fix things — like their partner’s cancer!
• The golfer’s swing circle can help describe then perceived need to get things right.
• It’s not always about the words but rather the feelings behind the words.

DSC_Focus On The Target

Reaching Higher Ground:
Special points of interest:
• Sometimes it takes a major life crisis to remind us of unfulfilled dreams
• Tomorrow is guaranteed to nobody; we must make the most of every “today” we have
• Having a dream to plan for and look forward to can help you through unpleasant treatments

DSC_Reaching for Higher Ground

Being a Dutch Uncle:
Special points of interest:
• Sometimes it is important to give honest feedback to someone you love
• Chemotherapy will have a noticeable effect on energy levels
• Giving sensitive feedback provides a mirror for the other person to see themselves in a different way

DSC_Being A Dutch Uncle