With divorce rates so high and so many young children affected negatively by their parents’ divorce recommending pre-marriage education to a couple about to get married is an ethical and nurturing responsibility that we all need to share, don’t you agree?  I am seeing more couples booking in as a “pre-condition” of being married by clergymen or celebrants, so I know that there is a shared concern to do what we can to educate couples about communication styles, conflict resolution capability, etc. before they marry.

I see many couples separating inside of the first 3 years of marriage, many already with a child or two. I have asked every couple coming in for counselling in relation to relationship stress within the first 3 years of their marriage whether they had received pre-marriage education or counselling. Not one of the couples said that they had.

With over 7 years experienced as an accredited counsellor in pre-marriage programs I believe that I am well placed to provide support and insight to couples planning marriage whether it be for the first time or “the next” time.

Prepare-Enrich is a 250-question psychometric instrument answered on-line, once you have registered with me. The couple can complete the instrument before we meet. When we book our two follow-up sessions I will have the completed analysis with me.  The purpose of the instrument is NOT to tell the couple whether they should get married, nor is the resulting analysis a predictor of a successful marriage. What it does do is create conversations around many of the issues that a couple will be confronted with during the early stages of their marriage.

It can be lots of fun and is always enlightening for the couple.

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