The journey from early suspicions to diagnosis through treatment to survival is often a difficult and complex one. Whether the patient is male or female, young or more senior, alone or in a family, every journey is unique.

Much of the counselling work is spent with the patient or one member of the family but the full impact of the work is experienced when a couple or a family come to work through the impact of the diagnosis or treatment plan on every member of the family.

The “team counselling” model that I’ve been using for many years has created a space for both partners in a relationship or all members of a family to be able to talk about their sub-story within the big story so that everyone feels heard and everyone has an understanding of how others are being impacted.

The intended outcome is simple: better communications between all those impacted by the diagnosis, treatment and “what lies ahead”. The feedback from clients tells me that this is a valuable counselling partnership—no judgement, no “right or wrong”, just a better understanding and greater clarity of where everyone stands.

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