The term “counselling” is such a generic term that defines what is basically “talking therapy “. That doesn’t mean that counselling sessions are just a chat-fest, in fact, it is a structured conversation that uses specific questioning techniques to help the client gain clarity of the issues that are troubling them and sought through their options to resolve (or accept) the situation.

Counselling may include assessments and diagnosis but that’s not the work I do. If I suspect that a client has real symptoms of a mental illness I’ll refer them out of my practice. In most cases, clients are experiencing symptoms (emotional and, sometimes, physical) which they then self-diagnose, often using “Dr. Google”, when often leads to an amplification of emotions and distress. At other times, clients are simply overwhelmed by their story and the emotional and cognitive reaction to that story. As the counselling process begins, calmness often comes to replace the higher emotions that the client first presents with.

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