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I offer face-to-face after-hours weeknight or Saturday sessions on Sydney’s lower north shore for local clients, and I also offer these same times for secure, web-based sessions for local, regional, interstate and overseas clients.

Call me on 0414 376 566 to book a session or to discuss your circumstances, send an email or simply complete the contact page and send it off to me.

I always offer an obligation-free and no-cost 15-minute initial intake conversation so we can determine whether we will work well together. 

Why Go To Counselling?

Fortunately the old judgements surrounding counselling have long gone and there are very good reasons to consider counselling before turning away from professional support:  Are there risks to your privacy and confidentiality?; Will people just give you advice or judge you for your situation?; Will you be listened to with empathy and curiosity?
Finding a suitably qualified counsellor will begin the process of:
  • finding your own strength and courage
  • discovering more about the impact of what is currently happening
  • exploring the different options that might be available to you,
  • learning where you might need to accept things that are out of your control
  • and finally, arriving at your preferred solution to move forward with and try out.
Professional counselling creates a safe and private place to make better sense of the change that is currently challenging you.

When unexpected change strikes

When change occurs quickly or unexpectedly our emotions are naturally heightened and we often struggle with the need to make sense of what’s happening and, possibly, the need to take back some level of control over what is changing. Often, though, our frustration and anxiety rises as we focus our attention on the negative aspects of the change – the bits we didn’t ask for and the bits that don’t suit us, and this resistance can often leave exhausted, overwhelmed and down-hearted.

Change can occur in our workplace, in our relationships with our family, partners or friends, in our health or the health of someone close to us, or in our financial situation.